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       Rick Medina: Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar/Keyboards

Founder of the band Deception, Rick has played a variety of rock music for decades all around Nevada, California and surrounding areas. He's formed many musical groups such as Bad Intent and Fast Forward, as well as recording projects. With a four octave vocal range and ability to play guitar, keys and sing at the same time, the band Deception is more like a four piece group rather then a trio.

Playing with some famous and not so famous players throughout his life has rounded his abilities immensely. Rick has been with groups that have also appeared on local Television and Radio shows.

 Offered the opportunity of touring he decided to stay in the area and continue to play the local venues. Able to play various instruments he's become a very rounded musician with 40 years of stage experience and performance.

Together with such equipment as

Kurzweil K1000: For true to life Piano as well as other layered sounds.

 Korg T3: For many horns and strings and complicated layered sounds.

Juno 106: For older FM generated sounds such as in the 80's music.

Fender Strat: For most songs and drop "D" tuning.

Jackson with Floyd Rose: In case Screaming Harmonics and Dives are on the Menu.

Deception, is better able to perform their music.






Rod Burt: Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar

A native to Boston Rod has toured all over the east coast from Boston, New York and all the way down to Florida, and now here on the west coast in many projects as well. He's played with famous and not so famous musicians in all types of venues and opened for such players on Live Stages.

Being a song writer as well, he's been in the studio and recorded originals of his own. He's appeared on the radio as well as TV.

Having a great Lead Voice he's tried out for the TV show "The Voice". And was almost picked several times coming very close to his dreams of stardom. 

But he continues to follow his love of performing locally in many of the venues in the area. Where he is still loved for his talent and what he brings to the band.

Together with his Five String Bass, for those extreme low notes that make pace makers skip a beat, and shatter windows.

Ampeg amps and Cabinets: For a thumping sound that can be heard in Africa, so that Elephants can answer,

 And a Beta Sure mic: That reproduces his vocal highs so well that Dogs can talk to him as well as Dolphins,

Rod's Bass playing, Killer lead vocals and harmonies' brings the music together and lays down a solid foundation for the drums, and the rest of the band to follow. He's not shy and has been a great showman all his music career. 40 Years and counting.






David Dineen: Lead Vocals/Drums and Percussion

AKA - "Doctor Evil" and "The Professor"

David Dineen, has come to Deception with musical experiences from Chicago, Las Vegas, and Boise.

Dave got his music degree from DePaul University in Chicago, and was a music teacher for 26 years. He had played different instruments in Blues, Jazz, Rock, Doo Whop and Country projects over his 40 years in music, but now is happily performing Rock again and doing it well!

With a Sure Beta microphone for great lead vocals and an ear for harmonies, his vocals help keep the band versatile and sounding full. A must have for a trio. All this while playing a Roland TD-9, 5 Piece Electronic drum kit at the same time! Dave drives the beat as the drummer in Deception, and together with band mate Rod Burt keeps the show thumping and alive so folks can dance, drink and enjoy the show!