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Hey gang,




Well as I'm sure most of you are aware Joe, has bowed out of Deception.


We've had some great years and a lot of fun I and him. He will be missed!

  I wish him well in whatever he does in the future.


So on Jan 17th I got a call from Gina at Living The Good Life in a dire situation.



Due to a last minute band cancelation

     she asked if it would be possible for us to cover Jan 19th.

   Since Joe and James,
    were not available I threw together some guys to cover the gig for Gina.

The gig went so well and we had so much fun that we decided to continue on together.



So Deception has been reformed,

  and is currently working to get tight as the band you have come to enjoy.


As always thanks so much for your support.


And we hope to see you out where ever we are.