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Hey gang,





Well our first gig back at Ponderosa and we had sooooooo much fun! Great crowd!




Want to thank you all so much for coming out.



We were asked most where we're playing next and to be honest we just don't know.



Until more places start to have music again we'll just see. But the




 way to make this change is to petition to get these unnecessary restrictions



lifted. We feel the Covid outbreak is no worse then the common Flu and there fore



the lockdown is again unnecessary and only hurting business and



our economy. We should be the ones to decide whether or not to distance each other




and wear masks. This has only hurt business and folks. I realize what may have




been done was at the time thought to be necessary, but now no longer.


Also any Vaccine should be the decision of the public and not Mandatory.



 Since Covid is proven no worse then the common flu. And we have never locked down



 the United States because of the Flu! With this said we hope to see all restrictions lifted



and changes in our governmental polices concerning health and welfare of the public.



Remember if we say nothing, nothing will change.





Just my thoughts. Thanks everyone until next time.